A guide on fit out services in Dubai by one of the top office fit out companies in Dubai.

All you need to know about fit out services in Dubai, UAE.

Fit-out projects can be a valuable element of the remodelling or renovation in the inside of your company. It’s a process of change that can make better use of space. It usually involves some type of work on construction that alters the arrangement of your work space.

Office fit out companies in Dubai undertake fit-outs they modify an area so that it is suitable for business use. Office fit-outs range from a plain shell of a building, to an unfinished canvas that requires individualization with elements like glass walls or custom kitchens.

Why Do You Need Fit Out Services?

Why do you need fit out services?

Fit-out is an interior remodelling process that allows the inside of your workplace space fit your preferences. When planning an office fit-out specialists in Dubai know that it’s crucial to keep your productivity of your team in the forefront of their minds.

A well-planned and organised office space can boost productivity, and assist in creating an atmosphere that makes employees feel inspired and motivated by their work.

Companies that fit out offices in Dubai provide open spaces for relaxation where employees can unwind and talk in breaks. This is a fantastic way to promote team work. Expanding or moving your business is an important choice that affects the business in many ways.

There are a variety of processes that office fit out companies in Dubai undergo, such as the need assessment, property search leasing agreements conceptual design, fit-out IT management internal change management relocation planning, and customer communications.

What’s the difference? Fit out vs. Renovation

A lot of people mistakenly associate renovations with fit-outs often, and most often, both are utilized interchangeably. Although they’re linked, both have their own distinct functions and methods.

To be able to understand the two concepts, we’ll look at the case of an office fitting-out.

What is office fit out companies in Dubai?

What is office fit out companies in Dubai?

Office fit-outs are one of the terms you might have come across during searching for top furniture for offices.

When it comes to fitting out an office, it refers to the process of transforming the office space with new furniture and other interior design elements, such as lighting paint, polyurethane, and wood flooring.

Commercial fit-out companies in Dubai manage the task of furnishing a brand new office or an existing one which involves the total reorganization of the office. Fit-out services for offices are required every time an organisation decides to relocate to a new office or expands its operations.

What is an office renovation?

The office renovation is more to do with aspects of interior design in the office. These are the things that are required to give the office an elegant appearance. The idea behind renovation is about transforming the space to make it a more appealing appearance. It could involve painting, adding furniture that is better as well as adding some décor objects. In general, a renovation of the office is more time-consuming than a fitting-out process.

Why you should choose office fit out services?

The goals of office fit-out businesses within Dubai are to make the office appear impressive, to make it practical and enhance employee productivity.

Office fit-outs are as significant as the construction of the building itself since they determine the style as well as the feel for a whole company. It improves the morale of employees and boosts the performance of employees.

The interior fit-out companies operating in Dubai It could be something as simple as installing a new office desk to one employee to puttng up a complete set of furniture to cover the entire floor.

Our Services

At Sekah Al Rifaa we provide fit out services in Dubai that will help you achieve the appearance and feel you desire for your office. We offer a broad range of services specifically designed to meet the needs of every business.

Being one of the fitting-out firms in Dubai our services are flexible, efficient and transparent in providing basic office amenities, and much more. Sekah Al Rifaa is amongst the top office fit out companies in Dubai that is known for satisfying clients by providing high-quality work at a reasonable cost.

What are the different types of Fit-Outs?

What are the different types of fit-outs?

Commercial fit-outs fall into three categories: Categories A and B as well as Shell-Core fitting-outs. To make a better choice when it comes to fitting out commercial space it is important to know the specifics of each category:

1. Shell and Core Fit-Out

The frame that will be the construction is installed and is awaiting the fitting-out process.  On the exterior, the building might appear to be finished, but it’s lacking a few components such as power, internal walls as well as lighting and heating. A core and shell fit-out lets a company tailor a space to the specifications of its clients. This is great for firms that need a lot of space.

2. Category A Fit-Out

The Category A fit-out is typically what you will find in a commercial space that is ready to rent. It’s a basic space with services like plumbing and electrical wiring in place.

Typically an A-grade fit-out involves the installation of things like:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Floors with raised access
  • HVAC systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Toilets
  • Grid ceiling

In essence, the space is functional, but it lacks the other features of design that will allow it to be suitable for its intended purpose. After the building phase is completed, an organization establishes the layout of Category B.

3. Category B Fit-Out

Category B fit-outs are the design that considers your needs as a business and your image. This type of fit-out requires the installation of equipment and features that aren’t available the features and systems that are in Category A.

Also, Categories B are the design phase of the fit-out in which the space is designed to be more tailored to the specific business. This could include the installation of window treatments, furniture like IKEA, as well as installing lighting, adding flooring and partitioning, painting and branding.

To get the maximum outcomes, Category B must be influenced by your business’s culture, ethics, team size, and procedures. This is where you can use your creativity and business sense to build an unforgettable image of your brand.

8 Fit-out Mistakes You Must Avoid

Fitting out takes concentration and patience. These are some of the common errors that many companies make:

  1. Don’t Rush to Planning

Doing the wrong thing or hurrying through the planning process can result in a badly executed design and installation, which will cost a lot of time and money. It’s more prone to structural delays and will require regular maintenance.

Hire a specialist in fitting-out to plan the project to ensure the most effective outcomes. They’ll make the most of the space available and increase the budget without compromising the quality.

  1. Dysfunctional Layout Design

Create a layout that includes both the present and future goals of your business.

Think about your office from a personal perspective instead, think of it from the viewpoint of workers and the visitors. Consider the requirements of your company and design appealing and comfortable work environment.

Try to create a vibrant functional, professional space by taking care of every aspect of your office’s requirements. In addition to the office space don’t forget the space as well as access to the reception area, conference room or break room.

  1. Budgets that are not appropriate

The creation of a comprehensive budget is an essential requirement for businesses who want to improve their layout.

Set your budget and adhere to the limits. It is important to have an efficient and cost-effective fit-out, which makes provision for any unexpected changes to prices and other aspects. Find a professional to assist you in the budgeting.

  1. Not taking into consideration future Business Plans

Check that the layout is able to handle future expansion needs. Instead of wall fixtures that are permanent, business owners should consider contemporary office designs.

In addition, you should share your longer-term plans for the company with the fitting-out specialist and ensure that they incorporate it into the design.

  1. Replicating Office Designs

Drawing inspiration from other fit-out styles is excellent. However, replicating the design may not create the same effect, particularly where the companies are located in different areas.

Integrate the company’s values, and accomplishments on the layout design, so that it stands above the rest.

  1. Inadequate Understanding with the Landlord

Inadequately understanding the restrictions and regulations of the landlord can negatively impact cost of the project and its duration. The restrictions on operating at certain times during the working hours can be detrimental to the progress of the project.

Before beginning the fit-out process discuss the design along with other details of the project with the tenant or their representative. It is important to have an agreement regarding how the project will be carried out.

  1. Lack of adequate lighting and airflow

In a dark space with inadequate ventilation can harm a person’s health. Therefore, exposure to dark rooms with insufficient airflow can hinder their performance and productivity.

A great fit-out plan must incorporate large windows that allow for adequate sunlight and airflow. Furthermore, the fit-out specialist will be able to provide advice on alternative eco-friendly designs for office spaces. This will attract customers and help save energy.

  1. Not consulting employees

Because employees will spend most part of the day in offices it’s important to think of them when designing the design of the office fit-out. Discuss with them what you should include and what should be the top priority in the design.

Guidelines to Follow When Offering Fit Out Services in Dubai

Guidelines to Follow When Offering Fit Out Services in Dubai.

The entire process of fitting out can seem daunting. It requires the involvement of both employees as well as designers and construction experts. Use the following guidelines to design an office space for the first time

  1. Choose the Fit-Out Team

Pick the right individuals within the organization to supervise the fit-out project. To manage this project, select people who are well-organized as well as creative, proficient in numbers, and capable of making choices. Together as a team decide what is appropriate for the space and what’s best for employees.

2. Create and share the budget

  • Determine the amount of space needed
  • Plan for growth in the future and expansion if needed.
  • Ideally, team members should come from different areas of the company, so that the fit-out plan meets every person’s requirements in the new location .

3. Appraisal and Search for Buildings

If your company has to decide between staying in the existing building or moving to elsewhere, it is important to consult with a variety of experts to help make the best option.

It is possible to stay in the building for a lower cost while moving out may provide more opportunities for growth and expansion in the future. If you’re looking for a brand space that is more modern or more suitable for commercial space, select an agent who is highly recommended to help you 

4. Find a Legal Team

In addition to helping you compare leases and initiate negotiations, if the business is moving out, they will also be in charge of ending the existing lease. They will also be managing other legal requirements associated with the project

5. Pick a Relocation Partner or Fit out with a Partner

Study, analyse and select the top firm for relocation or fitting-out the task. It isn’t easy to manage many suppliers, make sure the company you choose is able to provide all the fit out services in Dubai as per your requirements

6. Design Development

Discuss the design with the office’s interior designer, and then finalize the layout and scope of work to be quoted. When you are there, make sure to communicate all requirements, including branding, efficiency and operation.

7. Perform Pre-construction Planning

The company will continue to operate even though the work takes place. Discuss and plan with your partner who will be the fit-out contractor regarding how the project will cause the least interruptions.

8. Begin the Fit-Out Process

When the fit-out process has begun keep in touch with the team to ensure that any modification of the plan can be effectively implemented.

9. Previous Property Management

If you were moving to a new place or relocating, the property management company would probably prefer the business to leave the premises as it was before possession. Therefore, you should work with your fit-out company to implement this also

10. Move

If you are ready to move into your new workplace, you must hire an established firm to make the transfer process as smooth as it can be. This is why selecting an all-inclusive fit-out firm that offers all of the services including relocation, is crucial in the early phases of the plan.

11. Ongoing Maintenance

After the company has moved to a new location, make sure the fire alarms, security systems, hydraulic systems, etc. are in top condition. Any adjustments that are required following the move can be made during maintenance.


And if you’re looking for a reliable fit-out company that is reasonably priced, and does a great job, be sure to contact us for all your fit-out needs.

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