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About Us

SEKAH AL RIFAA Technical Services LLC is a licensed and insured Facility Management based in Dubai and is engaged in a wide range of services that touch the most basic and far advanced aspects of everyday life. Our services include contract maintenance, interior designing and decoration for your villas, flats and buildings. Our company is committed to maintain and exceed standards that are demanded by our clients. We believe in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long-term relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. Enclosed is a brief introduction of our company for better knowing of our services. We look forward to hearing from you and have a long term professional relationship. SEKAH AL RIFAA Technical Services LLC is a Dubai based company with invaluable experience in providing total Facilities Management. Providing a less hassle, unique, cost effective, comprehensive and preventive maintenance program in order to maintain and enhance the beauty, life and value of your property.


What we do

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver exceptional facility management services, meticulously ensuring safe, efficient, and comfortable environments for our clients.

Our Vision

To be the leading facility management company in Dubai, recognized for our innovative solutions and outstanding customer happiness.

Our Values

We prioritize integrity, excellence, and sustainability in our operations to build confidence and long-term partnerships with clients.

Services we offer

Air-Conditioning, Ventilation and Air Filtration Systems

Thermostat operation and settings
• Fan motor and bearings
• Gas Pressure and re-charging if required (gas charges may apply)
• Cleaning of coils using company approved product
• Clean condensate & evaporator drains
• Cleaning of grill diffusers
• Cleaning of internal strainer (external too if applicable)


• Inspection of all pumps for proper operation
• Testing of lead/lag operation of pumps
• Sealing of any leaks and clean pump motors externally
• Inspection of all fixtures & exposed piping for leakages
• Flushing all sinks and drain chambers
• Cleaning the pump room
• Drainage lines
• Water cooler
• Pumps & motors
• Water heater

Electrical Fittings and Fixtures

• Electrical accessories & fittings
• All RCCB’s operations, contractors & circuit breakers
• Lighting transformers for correct operation
• Tighten all electrical connections
• Cleaning of exterior and interior of panel
• Inspection of booster pump
• Electrical fixtures
• Distribution boards
• Electrical wiring
• Socket & switches
• Decorative lights
• The extractor fan motor, switches and cleaning extract ceiling grills

Floor and Wall Tiling

• Floor Coverings
• Wall Finishes

Partitions and False Ceilings

• Gypsum Work
• Moulds
• Ceilings
• Cornices
• Walls


• Housekeeping
• Indoor and outdoor cleaning
• Glass windows and doors
• Water tank cleaning

Carpentry and Flooring

• Repairing of broken cupboards
• Repairing of broken drawers
• Repairing of broken shelves
• Rotten wood removal
• Fix woodwork
• Interior design and installation
• Knob cover for stoves and doors
• Drawer and cabinet locking latches
• Remodeling bathroom
• Storage area construction


• Indoor & outdoor painting
• Ceilings
• Wallpapering
• Design & decors
• Fix peeling paint exterior
• Trim painting
• Rust removal
• Stain removal

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